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Course Code:    DS19AR01

Course Type:     Online Course

Class Options    Mar 3, 2019 - Apr 21, 2019

Are you interested in learning how to think spatially and design spaces which connect and inspire people?


This introductory course serves as a foundation for students to generate forms via the architectural design process by using the technique of abstraction. Students also experience the transition between thinking and designing in 2D and 3D utilizing methods such as sketching, collage-making, and model-making. Fundamental topics of architecture like form, scale, material, and light will be introduced to the students. In this project-based course, each student will generate a spatial project: a site-specific public installation.

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   Open to Enroll

Prestigious Faculty
Tuba Ozkan

Designer, Experience Design, Architecture

Tuba is a designer, technologist, and educator with a passion for designing interactive experiences and products. She holds a master degree in Architectural Design and an MFA degree in Design and Technology. She has taught studio courses at Parsons, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Istanbul Technical University. Her areas of expertise are Product/UX design and spatial design.

This Program Is For Students Who
  • Are interested in or considering a career in architecture, interior design, graphic design, fine arts and more

  • Are applying for admission or currently attending the top design schools

  • Want to develop their ability to think and make in three-dimensions (3D). 

  • Want to advance their knowledge and improve their art and design skills

  • Want to develop an original, innovative and articulate body of spatial design work which they can then apply to their portfolios

What You Will Learn









Learn how to make abstract drawings and models 
Become familiar with thinking spatially
Gain experience in sketching and drafting 
Learn how to use abstraction as a creative method during the design process

Learn how to create perspective collages
Gain hands-on experience with model-making
Learn about the art of public installation and design a public installation
Build an understanding of the scale, form, material, and light in the space.

Value & Highlights
  • Taught by International Faculty from The World’s Top Design Schools

  • Internationally Trained Bilingual Teaching Assistant

  • Small Class for Personal Learning

  • Access to Join The WeDesign Global Community

  • WeDesign Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive Career Insights for Architecture 

  • Learn Remotely Anywhere in The World 

Weekly Course Plan

  Week 1      Design Through Abstraction

  Week 2     Representation in Architecture

  Week 3     Architectural Design Process

  Week 4     Form in Architecture

  Week 5     Body in Space

  Week 6     Material & Light

  Week 7     Perception of Space

  Week 8     Documentation & Final Presentations

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