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Graphic Design

Course Code:  DS19GD01

Course Type:   Online Course

Class Option:  May 5, 2019 - Jun 23rd, 2019

Graphic design is about learning how to communicate visually. Graphic Design combines images, words, and ideas to communicate messages to an audience. Students will focus on creative problem solving as well as technical skills learning about typography, the principles of design, and the basic tools and techniques of publishing. This graphic design course will help students develop their skills and portfolio by learning the fundamental visual and creative communication skills. 

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   Open to Enroll

Prestigious Faculty
Heather Doucette

Designer, Storyteller 
Academy of Art University


Heather received her Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Columbia College Missouri and a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Academy of Art University. She has held positions at Unsung Magazine and is currently designing for her own label, Doucette Design.

This Program Is For Students Who
  • Are interested in or considering a career in print media, editorial design, marketing, advertising, branding, package design, web design, app design, interface design, interaction design, information design, motion graphics and more

  • Are applying for admission or currently attending the top design schools

  • Want to develop visual communication strategies using typography, and imagery, branding, and sequential design.

  • Want to advance their knowledge and improve their art and design skills

  • Want to develop an original, innovative and articulate body of graphic design work which they can then apply to their portfolios

What You Will Learn








Develop an understanding of how research forms the basis of contemporary design thinking and personal inspiration.
Develop an understanding of the materials and processes that are integral to a concept, design, and product realization.
Develop a visual vocabulary and technical skills relevant to graphic design
Convey Ideas, clearly and confidently, in their work, their speech and their writing.

Develop visual communication strategies using typography, and imagery, branding, and sequential design.
Create original visual designs that exhibit a distinctive, unique personal voice.
Create graphic designs that meet the specifications and requirements of a communication briefs.

Value & Highlights
  • Taught by International Faculty from The World’s Top Design Schools

  • Internationally Trained Bilingual Teaching Assistant

  • Small Class for Personal Learning

  • Access to Join The WeDesign Global Community

  • WeDesign Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive Career Insights for Graphic Designers 

  • Learn Remotely Anywhere in The World 

Weekly Course Plan

  Week 1      The Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Texture, and Color

  Week 2     2D Design Basics: Drawing, Composition, and Color

  Week 3     2D Design Basics: Points, Lines, and Planes

  Week 4     2D Design Basics: Gestalt | Shape, Balance, Rhythm, and Unity

  Week 5     2D Design Basics: Color

  Week 6     Design Process

  Week 7     Typography: Introduction

  Week 8     Typography: Type in Action

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