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A Unique Series of Free Online Master Talks

Oct 21  - Nov 25 

Interior designers and architects have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of an environment because they are the ones deciding which materials and products will be used and how ecologically people will be able to interact with their surrounding spaces. Sustainability is becoming a necessity for development within many cities, organisations and teams. In order to achieve business growth and success, it is essential that sustainability is integrated into all core functions and processes of city living and an organization.


A greener business is emerging as a core principle and strategy for organizations of all sizes. Through a series of Master talks experts share and discuss the foundational knowledge, tools and strategies to actively address challenges and create opportunities for corporate sustainability implementation both now and in the future. 


This industry-focused online experience explores the challenges, risks and successes of companies which have incorporated sustainable practices and social responsibility into their core business models. Participants will learn about proven solutions which balance environmental, social and economic demands. Leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field will provide advice on what is required in order to create a successful sustainable business with a social or environmental ethos



Mitchell Joachim

Leading global sustainable architects. Co-Founder of  Terreform ONE,  Associate professor at New York University and TED lecturer.


Chien Chung Pei

Principal Pei Partners (son of IM Pei)

james corner.jpg

James Corner

Founder and director of James Corner Field. Operations. Leading-edge urban design,

Landscape architect and designer of  The Highline.

alison + jonsara_edited.jpg

Alison Mears & Jonsara Ruth

Co-Founders of Healthy Materials Lab 

at Parsons School of Design


Diller Scofidio + Renfro 

Architects The Shed at Hudson Yards


Tom Kennedy

Global Leader of Civil Engineering at ARUP



  • Unique series of Master Talks from leading industry experts.

  • Experts discuss key factors of sustainability as a successful real estate company.

  • The team you need to build and moves you need to take for being responsible.

  • Learn how to create spaces that are more environmental friendly, design-driven and enhance community building.

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