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Pre-College Faculty & Academic Program Coordinator

New York
Job Posted:
Apr 16, 2019

We are currently looking for a Pre-College Faculty & Academic Program Coordinator to join us and partner in delivering the best art and design education to students from around the world. Please note that this is a dual faculty and administrative position and we are seeking candidates which can sufficiently satisfy both aspects of this role. This position will support the work of the Academic Director and the academic team namely by overseeing the creation of quality, cutting-edge curriculum and other other academic deliverables for a wide range of student needs, specifically within the VIP Portfolio and Design Studio programs. This role will also oversee academic assessments, creation of student course plans, as well as oversee quality assurance and performance of faculty as it relates to curricular excellence and delivery.


We are looking for candidates with expertise within an art and design field, preferably in one or more of the following areas:  Interactive Design / Graphic Design / Fashion Design / Interior Design / Fine Arts / Photography / Film and Media / Architectural Design / Product Design / Game Design/ Animation


The candidate should ideally have a terminal degree in their related field, prior teaching experience both in pre-college and within the university field and will also ideally hold pre-college admissions experience.


As WeDesign is a global company, the Pre-College Faculty & Academic Program Coordinator should be able to lead in a culturally competent manner and with a global perspective. The position will work with diverse groups and help foster a respect for diverse cultural practices while finding common understanding and mission between them to create solutions.


  • Overseeing the creation of quality, cutting-edge curriculum and other other academic deliverables for a wide range of student needs, specifically for the VIP Portfolio and Design Studio programs;

  • Partner with CEO and Academic Director to represent WeDesign in public for both in U.S. and abroad;

  • Oversee the quality assurance and performance of faculty as it relates to curricular excellence and delivery;

  • Conduct performance evaluations for faculty providing regular curricular assessment and formal/informal feedback on faculty delivery expectations and objectives;

  • Provide leadership and management for WeDesign’s academic and student experience;

  • Teach within and across the WeDesign programs, both in-person and online;

  • Partner with Academic Manager on Faculty Affairs and Curriculum Development;

  • Advise on curricular aspects of program delivery ranging from student admissions to final assessments;

  • Oversee the performance of curricular developers ensuring on-time deliverables and aligned approach to WeDesign philosophy and existing programming;

  • Research best practices and methods to deliver cutting-edge art and design education online.


​Required Knowledge Skills Abilities (KSAs)

  • Terminal degree in one of WeDesign’s disciplinary areas within the field of art & design;

  • Extensive in person and online teaching experience at the university, pre-college, or high school levels;

  • Knowledge of or teaching experience with K-12, university-level, or nonprofit institutions;

  • Knowledge of pre-college admissions processes for institutions of higher education;

  • Demonstrated knowledge in online education pedagogy and current instructional platforms;

  • Fluency in Microsoft Office, social media platforms, online LMS (BrainCert or Zoom a plus);

  • Dedicated, organized, excited about the start-up company atmosphere and adaptable to organizational and needs change;

  • Interest in furthering excellence in teaching and learning, cultivating best practices in online instruction and its associated technologies;

  • Love working with and helping people and look for opportunities to enhance the Instructors best work in their classrooms;

  • Competent both in working collaboratively with WeDesign colleagues and offices, but also be able to lead and generate curriculum, pedagogical approaches, and teaching excellence;

  • Invested in company’s growth, be professionally flexible, and enjoy wearing multiple hats and working on multiple tasks simultaneously. Should work well within existing company frameworks.

Preferred Knowledge Skills Abilities (KSAs)

  • Proficient or fluent in one or more of WeDesign’s international languages a plus (Chinese, Portuguese);

  • Strong professional practice within one of WeDesign’s 11 disciplinary areas within art & design.

  • Affiliation with or experience from one of the top art and design universities


WeDesign is a NYC-based, e-learning company. We offer global access to the world's finest interactive art and design education, which includes teaching elementary, middle school, and pre-college students, recreational learners, and senior executives. We use the latest user interfaces, online platforms, and advanced pedagogy for remote and physical space learning. We recruit and partner with faculty from the world’s leading art and design schools.


To apply for this position, please send your resume to

Please note that this is an in-person position based in New York City.

*All applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.

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