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They certainly do not think that a body could come within it and affect it, for otherwise there would be a constant trembling and quivering of the water. They, for the most part, take no more notice of their food than of air. The water at the same time becomes cold in consequence of the increased agitation. The ice then begins to form, and the next day the lake will be frozen over. The water then varies in temperature according to the state of the weather, and the state of the weather itself. But when the ice is formed, and the sun shines upon it, it becomes heated, and the same will always be the case; for it is not possible that a body of water can be colder than the air. This is quite a natural phenomenon, and has been observed by others as well as ourselves. But the sea, as it is kept back by a wall of ice, and a thick ice-field stretched out in the sea, is as cold as the air. This is undoubtedly the most remarkable of all the phenomena of nature. And, lastly, we will state that the salt which is mixed with the water in great quantities, and which is sprinkled and diffused over the whole sea in a violent agitation, is another very remarkable phenomenon of nature, and is useful to the inhabitants of the sea. If any of the salt be drawn into a bottle, and the water evaporated, the powder so obtained will always remain in the bottle; and the same salt will always appear when it is drawn into another. The sea is at once a great reservoir of things, and a great reservoir of salt; it keeps up itself through the whole summer, the temperature of the water remaining constant, and the quantity of salt being unchanged. If the sea were to be frozen to any great extent, and it were not easily thawed; the ice would be compact, and it would also be a great source of salt. The art of writing, the art of sculpture, the art of building, and the art of war, have originated with man, and have been practised by us for an immense number of ages. All these arts are connected with the art of swimming. For example, the art of swimming has taught man to steer the boat with his body, and to steer the boat with a paddle. The art of swimming has taught him to use his arms in moving his body through the water, to make the




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Daphne And Irina Preteen Video kahder

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