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WeDesign’s “Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion” Program, invites senior fashion executives from China to spend a week in NYC learning about successful sustainability efforts in fashion organizations and companies. Starting with a series of foundational online classes, participants arrive in NYC for a program which gives insight by leading organizations, experts and academics through a series of lectures, discussions, panels, and workshops.

Sustainability is coming, it’s a reality and it is not optional. 

This program and highlights the strategies of companies that have successfully incorporated sustainability. It recognizes executives’ critical and unique roles in managing our global future by equipping them with the tools to create and strengthen a responsible, respected, and profitable business.

5 Days
New York City

Executive Insights and Training

This Program is Designed for

Industry Professionals and Executives

who are looking to deepen their understanding of sustainability and discover workable, innovative strategies in order to drive positive change within their organizations.


  • High level briefings and private meeting with industry leaders

  • Intense masterclasses and panel discussions exploring how to grow your business sustainably 

  • Behind the scenes visits to leading brands and retailers 

  • Unique experiences in the places and with the people creating the future

  • 1-on-1 personal session with expert to discuss how to practically implement change in your role or business

  • Develop practical tools and mental models to implement sustainable solutions across all aspects of your business

  • Learn best practices for motivating your team to drive sustainable transformation of their business forward

  • Learn how sustainability can influence corporate strategy and how a business could transform these challenges into a source of competitive advantage

  • Understand the major challenges and opportunities to sustainability implementation and identify a range of achievable solutions using accepted frameworks

  • Discover design solutions which reduce the harmful environmental impact on ecosystems and which increase benefits to society