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A Unique Series of Free Online Master Talks

Sept 30 - Nov 4

After successfully launching the first Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion program, the Yue-sai Kan China Beauty Charity Fund (CBCF) and WeDesign Group proud to present our Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion Master Talks, Series 2.


The new weekly series of conversations on sustainability in fashion profiles seven industry insiders and highlights their respective strategies,  missions and successes of incorporating sustainability into their DNA and businesses. These Master Talks recognizes executives’ critical and unique roles in managing our global future by equipping them with the tools to create and strengthen a responsible, respected, and profitable business.


This program is designed for industry professionals and executives who are looking to deepen their understanding of sustainability and create innovative strategies to drive positive change within their organizations.

​Master Talks

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Cyrill Gutsch

How to Start a Global Movement

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Sept 30th (EST) 


Patrick Duffy

Swap and Shop, Stop Buying

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Oct 7th (EST) 


Jeanine Ballone

Fashion 4 Change for Corporations

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Oct 14th (EST) 


Francis Wong

What Global Generations Want

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Oct 21st (EST) 

alison + jonsara.jpg

Alison Mears & Jonsara Ruth

Healthy Materials, Where, How and Why

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Oct 28th (EST) 


Eva Kruse

Mobilising The Fashion System

Time: 8:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          Nov 4th (EST) 


Cyrill Gutsch 

Founder of Parley for the Oceans

Francis Wong

Global Creative Director WGSN

Eva Kruse

Founder and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda and Summit

Patrick Duffy

Founder of Global Fashion Exchange

Jonsara Ruth

Co-Founders Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design

Jeanine Ballone 

Managing Director Fashion 4 Development

Alison Mears

Co-Founders Healthy Materials Lab at Parsons School of Design


  • Unique series of fashion industry Master Talks from leading experts and academic

  • Leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field will provide advice on what is required in order to create a successful sustainable business with a social or environmental ethos. 

  • Participants will learn about proven solutions which balance environmental, social and economic demands.

  • Learn from experts how good design can enhance sustainability and make fashion more desirable

  • Learn how successful companies have incorporated sustainable practices and made them profitable.

  • Learn how to equip your business and career for a responsible future 

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