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A Unique Series of Free Online Master Talks Season 3

Mar 16 - April 20

After completing two successful and trailblazing seasons of our Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion program, the Yue-sai Kan China Beauty Charity Fund (CBCF) and WeDesign Group Inc. is proud to present our third season of Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion Master Talks, Series 3.


In a series of weekly conversations, WeDesign has been granted exclusive access to profile six groundbreaking industry insiders and magnates from both China and the US who are leading voices in fashion-- and sustainability. Our Master Talks highlights their strategy, success and vision for incorporating sustainability into their corporate DNA all while maintaining their industry dominance. Our series lauds executives’ essential role in leading our global future and will equip viewers with the tools to create and strengthen their businesses towards a leading-edge, sustainable and profitable future.


This program is designed for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of fashion and sustainability and who want rare and unparalleled access to proven approaches from executives who have thrived on and surmounted these challenges.

​Master Talks


Paul Dillinger

The Future of Big Denim:

How To Make Jeans Sustainable

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          March 16th (EST) 


Shaway Yeh

Sustainable Fashion:

The Global View from China 

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          March 23rd (EST) 


Marina Testino

How to Influence the Industry and

Get People to Pay Attention

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          March 30th (EST) 


Maurizio Donadi

How to Responsibly Connect

Creativity with Sustainability

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          April 6th (EST) 


Claire Kells

The United Nations Global Influence on

Sustainable Fashion and How it Impacts Your Business

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          April 13rd (EST) 


Jonathan Cohen

Conscious Luxury and the Necessity

of Invention in High Fashion

Time: 9:00 am(NY), 9:00 pm(Beijing)

          April 20th (EST) 


Paul Dillinger

Vice President, Global Product Innovation

Maurizio Donadi

 Founder Atelier and Repairs 

Shaway Yeh

China Sustainability Influencer; Founder of Yehyehyeh, Group Style Editorial Director of Modern Media Group

Claire Kells

Senior Manager for Participant Engagement at the UN Global Compact

Marina Testino

Sustainable Fashion Activist and Creative Director

Jonathan Cohen

Creative Director and Founder


  • Unique series of fashion industry Master Talks from leading experts and academic

  • Leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field will provide advice on what is required in order to create a successful sustainable business with a social or environmental ethos. 

  • Participants will learn about proven solutions which balance environmental, social and economic demands.

  • Learn from experts how good design can enhance sustainability and make fashion more desirable

  • Learn how successful companies have incorporated sustainable practices and made them profitable.

  • Learn how to equip your business and career for a responsible future 

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