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5 Days
2 online Educator Master Talks   

Executive Insights and Training




Participation in Professional Development in Advanced Pedagogy


WeDesign’s Teacher Training Program provides professional development in advanced pedagogy and is built to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and skills they require to adapt and keep their teaching practices current in the 21st century. As part of the program, teachers have the opportunity to learn about education from the best universities and institutions around the world. 


Our curriculum starts with a series of online education videos from the world's best educators discussing and sharing valuable teaching methods and insights across a variety of subjects; from how art and design education has evolved; the teaching philosophy at their schools; teaching challenges. These videos also share how curricula must adapt, be flexible and receptive to new, evolving subjects and emerging areas of expertise. These series of video help to prepare and set the scene for the 5 day offline program program. 


The program begins with a series of Educators Master Talk video, which are unique conversations, masterclasses, insights and valuable teaching tools from the world's top educators. Get insight from experienced, multi-talented experts in design education on how art and design education is changing in two customized master talks. 


Our Educators Master Talks series covers the most cutting-edge trends and developments in education and is designed to prepare you and your cohort for a week of intensive learning in the classroom. A Q&A with the educators and a list of critical readings to support your future study will accompany these customized video conversations.



  • The Current Evolution of Art and Design Education 

New demands on students require innovative approaches targeted towards the challenges they will face outside of the classroom. Students are now taking their lessons from the classroom and applying them in more entrepreneurial and adaptive ways than ever before. Experiential education and a range of newlearning programs are providing students with the skills to adapt to rapidly changing job environments and expectations in design. Schools must continue offering deepened and wider technical experiences providing the spaces and materials for experimentation for ever more talented students and faculty. 


  • Supporting a New Generation of Students: Student Learning in the 21st Century

Students and the educational systems are moving at breakneck pace to integrate with our rapidly changing world. Student learning in the 21st century suggest momentous changes for teaching and learning. For faculty who wish to produce students who are successful and ready for the dynamic challenges ahead, educators must guide students on their personal educational journeys, promote critical thinking, and support dynamic skill and interdisciplinary learning.

Previous Faculty Universities Representatives

Parsons School of Design /Rhode Island School of Design /New York University

Fashion Institute of Technology /Fordham University /School of Visual Arts


Learn from faculty and education experts from the world’s top universities

Become a star teacher for the 21st Century

Discover the best practices from the best universities

Gain confidence to use your skills and strengths in the classroom

Be awarded a WeDesign Certificate of Completion

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The Method of Design Thinking - Becoming a Creative Educator



Motivating Students to Learn - 21st Century Learners



The Changing Classroom - A Safe Space to Create



Developing Curriculum Leadership - Curriculum with a Purpose



New Educational Delivery Models - The Emerging Landscape

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Quotes from Past Teacher Participates


The Teacher Training Program helped me reflect on and improve my own course. Innovation, adventure, exploration, and learning should be
a regular part of [teachers] work in the future. Thank you Jason for an excellent class. Thank you Xia Wen for doing a great job in translating! Thank you Simon for such an inspirational speech.

Mona (孟晓)

Thanks to the team of WeDesign
for guiding us through brainstorming ideas about education. Everyone
has an eager desire to know more about Western educational concepts. This training not only met our needs, but also allowed us to improve our teaching methods and skills. We look forward to enjoying such excellent resources and learning opportunities in the future. Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make this training possible.

Karen (姜明明)

Thanks to Jasonpaul and translator WenXia. The five-day study broadened my horizons and allowed me to see the entire process of design teaching from theory to practice, how to motivate students in the course, and how to guide students to discover the fun of design. I learned a lot! Thank you!

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