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Designed for students who want to develop, create and build a strong portfolio that showcases their artistic skills and art and design interests.

The VIP Portfolio Mentorship Program prepares students for an intense study of Art and Design at undergraduate, or postgraduate degree level. Students will explore a range of fundamental skills, methods, and Art and Design areas, or elect to focus on a core field of study. They can improve their existing portfolio, or advance their skills in a major of their interest.

What is an art and design portfolio?

An art and design portfolio is a core indicator to art and design schools that you have the skills, creativity and dedication to be a successful student. Top art and design schools often accept very small percentages of applicants. Understanding how to produce a great portfolio of creative projects is crucial. The WeDesign team mentors you throughout this process, building portfolio projects tailored to your needs and the art and design school of your dreams.