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Course Code:  DS19AN01

Course Type:   Online Course

Class Option:  Jun 8, 2019 – Jul 27, 2019

In this course students are exposed to the production of different forms and techniques of animation. Students explore traditional and computer based skills in which images or objects are manipulated to appear as moving images. Students will learn the basic theory and mechanics principles behind animation, including drawing skills for 2D/3D animation and the fundamentals of 3D design and animation. Students will study the basic principles of character design, layout and storyboarding. This introduction course will serve as a foundation for students to create various forms of animation, such as those used in video games, interactive media, commercials, cartoons, and other types of animated films.
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Prestigious Faculty
Dominika Juraszek

Animation, Graphic Design, Film & Media

Rhode Island School of Design

California Institute of the Arts

New York University

Dominika received her BFA from from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. She has taught at universities such as RISD, Cal Arts, Bramson ORT College, New York University, Touro College’s Graduate Program and at institutions such as Inner City Arts, BCNY, General Assembly, among others. She has been teaching 3D modeling, animation, film production and design for over 15 years. Juraszek is the lead designer and LMS web developer at iArt Institute and has worked at Interface Arts Studios, designed Times Square Couture Fashion Week banners, and produced marketing materials for New York City’s public transportation advertisements. Her work has been exhibited in galleries including REDCAT Art Center in Los Angeles, Lincoln Center, Bayside Historical Society, ASIFA East, and A.I.R Gallery in New York City, and beyond. She is the recipient of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Grant and the Kosciuszko Foundation Grant.

This Program Is For Students Who
  • Are interested in or considering a career in Illustration or Fine Arts.

  • Want to apply or are currently attending the top design schools

  • Love to draw, sketch and doodle

  • Want to improve their art and design skills and expertise

  • Would like to advance their knowledge and development of Drawing

  • Look to develop Illustration outcomes that they can then apply to their future projects and portfolio

  • Look to develop a personal expressive style in their drawing

What You Will Learn








Develop observational skills through blind contour drawing method
Practice drawing considering line, shape, perspective and composition
Learn the difference between representational and expressionistic drawing
Begin to develop a ‘style’ of drawing that communicates what you want to say

Understand different styles and illustration techniques

Learn the value of daily sketchbook practice

Learn the process of finalizing an illustration from sketch to final design

Value & Highlights
  • Taught by International Faculty from the World’s Top Design Schools

  • Internationally Trained Bilingual Teaching Assistant

  • Small class for personal learning

  • Access to Join the WeDesign Global community

  • WeDesign Certificate of Completion

  • Exclusive Career Insights for Architecture 

  • Learn remotely anywhere in the world 

Weekly Course Plan

  Week 1      Draw What You See

  Week 2     Composition

  Week 3     Literal Illustrations vs. Conceptual Illustrations

  Week 4     Expressing yourself in your drawing

  Week 5     The Value of Research

  Week 6     Creating a story in visuals

  Week 7     Your Creative Assignment

  Week 8     Final: Your work in ‘print’

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