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We are committed to delivering the very finest in creative design education guided and mentored by leading industry experts and by faculty from the world’s best schools and companies.

Example of getting all offers with 0 art background >>>
Our Student Jamie got into her dream school Parsons


Since WeDesign started, 100% of our students have received offers from at least one school of their choice. In addition, the high proportion of scholarships also enables WeDesign students to earn the "first pot of gold" in their lives with their works of art before they enter the world's top art & design schools.

Successful Student Examples


Major: BFA (Major Undecided)
Year: 2021
School offers: Parsons, SVA, OTIS, CCA, PRATT, MICA
Scholarship: $92,000 + $88,000


Major: BFA Game Design
Year 2022

School offers: University of Denver, Northeastern University,Michigan State University, DePaul University, Drexel University, George Mason University
Scholarship: $60,000 + $52,000

Xia applied to 6 Top art & design schools and received all 6 offers, among which

Otis College of Art and Design  provided a scholarship of 9,2000 US dollars, and the California Institute of the Arts scholarship of 8,8000 US dollars. The scholarship he received was equivalent to covering his total tuition for 4 years if he chose Otis or CCA. 


In the end, he decided to study at Parsons School of Design. After considering the urban culture and school location. Parsons is located in the center of the world, Manhattan of New York City.


*tip: If you are interested in more than one major as an undergraduate, you can choose Major Undecided while applying for most Art & Design Schools. 

Our student Wang didn’t apply for any Art & Design Schools, instead he applied for public Universities. With the portfolio, Wang received 6 offers from his favorite universities within the United States. 


For Scholarship, DePaul University offered $60,000 and University of Denver offered $52,000. If he chose the 2 schools above, the first year of tuition and living cost would be 0.


*tip Working with WeDeisgn do not only get you into the best Art& Design Schools, but also can get you into top public Universities. With a high-quality portfolio, your dream school can also be top20 Global Universities.


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