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Simon Collins attended the First U.S. -China Higer ​Education Presidential Summit

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

On July 15th, the College Fair North American Carnival, the U.S.- China Higher Education Summit jointly held by the Guangming Daily "Study Abroad" magazine and the North American International Student Daily opened in Beijing. Mr. Simon Collins, the founder of WeDesign, was invited to attend the summit and gave a speech.

At the roundtable meeting, Mr. Collins elaborated on the unique resources and distinctive advantages that China has in studying abroad industry. He believes that everyone should have a global vision and a global mindset, and cooperative education can help more people gain an international perspective and provide them with opportunities to learn about different cultures and ways of thinking.

After the roundtable meeting, Mr. Collins also brought a warm speech to the audiences on topics such as the importance of design thinking and the importance of accepting design education.


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