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Mobilising The Fashion System

Eva Kruse
9:00 am, Nov 4th (EST)
Expert Guest

Eva Kruse

 Founder and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda and Summit

A globally recognised voice in sustainability, Eva Kruse is the CEO and President of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), the world’s foremost leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion. Kruse founded the non-profit organisation with a mission to mobilise the fashion system to change the way we produce and market fashion.


Through working with the United Nations, European Commission and many international foundations, Kruse strives to drive awareness and action on sustainability with the aim to safeguard the future of our planet. GFA is renowned for hosting the landmark  annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit. This year marked the Summit’s tenth anniversary, and provided a forum for a vast range of stakeholders, from CEOs to politicians to manufacturers from across the globe, to convene and collaborate.

Expert Guest
Masterclass Intro


In the final, capstone episode of our Executive Education in Sustainable Fashion series, moderator Bjorn Bengtsson interviews Eva Kruse, the Founder and CEO of the Global Fashion Agenda, organizer of the highly venerated Copenhagen Fashion Summit and so much more. Eva discusses her work mobilizing the fashion system- from industry leaders to media to consumers- her interview is a clarion call to action and change within an industry that is hungry and ready for change.

Key Takeaways

Main Topic

The Global Fashion Agenda, among its many abilities, generates reports and conducts research on attitudes and behaviors of consumers towards fashion and sustainability. Their annually-produced report, Pulse of the Fashion Industry, captures these sentiments and trends to serve as a resource for their community. For the 2019 Pulse of the Fashion Industry Update, Global Fashion Agenda partnered with the Boston Consulting Group, who conducted research for the report. 


The research survey nearly “3,000 participants spread out between Brazil (523 participants), China (514 participants), France (529 participants), the UK (703 participants) and the US (703 participants). To complement the results, a social media listening has been conducted.” The found proprietary research and results of the Boston Consulting Group’s survey is that “consumers are increasingly aware and concerned about social and environmental responsibility in the fashion industry.” Here are some of the facts listed on Global Fashion Agenda’s website, and also listed directly with attribution and acknowledgment below: 


FACT 1: 75% of consumers surveyed view sustainability as extremely or very important.


FACT 2: Mentions of sustainability in social media increased a third faster than overall social media growth between 2015 and 2018.


FACT 3: Consumers mostly acquire information about sustainability issues through online search (35%), social media (31%) and non-digital print media (29%).


FACT 4: The strongest triggers for conscious behaviour concerning sustainability are CLIMATE CHANGE EFFORTS (50%) NATURAL DISASTERS (49%)


FACT 5: More than a third of consumers report they have already switched from their preferred brand to another because it credibly stands for positive environmental and/or social practices.


FACT 6: More than 50% of consumers plan to switch brands in the future if another brand acts more environmentally and socially friendly than their preferred one.


FACT 7: However, consumer considerations of sustainable practices are not yet powerful enough to be the most important driver of purchasing behaviour. For 7% of consumers, sustainability is the key purchasing criterion. But 23% prioritise high quality, 17% looking successful and 16% receiving good value for money.”


“How does [sustainability] apply to designers? What is there to inspire them? At the end of the day it's still down to product… I don't believe in sustainable fashion if it isn't a beautiful, attractive product. [Consumers] don't buy fashion to save the world. They buy fashion because they're going out on Saturday or they want something that’s nice.”


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